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Christmas Rose
(spirit of Christmas)

I felt down one Christmas day
Went to church and started to pray
The place was still
it always is 
when it is not Sunday
I shared what was on my mind
All the things that was playing in my head

In silence as I always do
To the Lord above who
Knew what I was going through
I felt down because there was no place to go
My heart was heavy with everyday woes
And then I saw so many things

My mind was cleared
And He did bring
Things that I am inclined to forget
My country and family 
The warmth of home and all I could eat
The clothes on my back
My freedom to do as I choose

And then I wasn't sad anymore
I didn't go out and buy presents
To acquire the Yuletide spirit
Christmas is within 
Mingled with love in all things

I left with smiles and greetings
To all I was meeting
Spread good cheer
Said Merry Christmas
Shared good tidings with everyone
The blessings of
The Christmas Rose that God gave to me.

 Maria ©
Used with permission
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